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What up honky's!

IDK why I made this site. Maybe it'll help organize and inform of who actually is part of the premade and what their mains are so we can put together some wicked strats. In the forum's threads i'll go ahead and start some Strategy suggestion threads as well as builds/guides or suggestions to help perk up someone's build, they might play a badass Ezreal but if they changed their build a bit, they could play an undefeatable Ezreal, AND that's only going to happen if they have the cool new Frosted Skin, cause otherwise the gayness of how Ez looks will draw your eyes and ruin your game play for lack of focus as you can't turn your gaze away from the gayness. Him and Taric, but there's no skin to save Taric, good thing he rapes face even with the distraction of the gay. Idk why I ranted so long about that.

Don't be scared, hit up the forums let us know your ideas and what not. I don't think i'm going to put Ventrilo info on here as it's not my ventrilo so. Suck it.
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Practice Makes Perfect

Omnishred, Jul 22, 10 1:21 PM.
Try to make it to practice games it's essential to us not sucking ass in the actual ranked games. Normal games are considered practice but they're just as fun as ranked cause you're doing the exact same thing anyways only it's easier to pwn their faces in.

We just need to figure out our best team comp and team coordination. Don't need people running through the enemies jungle by themselves 18 minutes into the game, getting 5v1'd and then we get rolled 5v4 aced and a gg turns into a bg. Practice is needed we need to get our coordination perfected. But we are already playing ranked of course, but practice is really... only word to describe is essential. Show up or throw up. (idk where i was going with that)
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Recruiting is open, it won't be for long. We got a solid four as soon as Iron Maidenn's computer comes in. Looking at a couple others that are pretty insane. So if you want a tryout you might want to get on that asap.
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